We just launched a daily email subscription for A Spiritual Principle a Day. The book was approved by consensus in April at the World Service Conference and should be available for purchase later this year. In the meantime, you can sign up to receive each day’s reading via email: www.na.org/subscribe. As Fellowship-approved literature, SPAD can be read in NA meetings. We hope the email subscription makes it easier for meetings that wish to make SPAD part of their format in some way.

All of NAWS subscriptions are free. We are able to provide these services due, in part, to the generous contributions of our members. Recurring contributions from members are the most stable source of funds for World Services. If you already have a recurring contribution set up, thank you! If you don’t yet have one, check it out: www.na.org/contribute. It’s easy to set one up, and every little bit helps. Together we can!