Hello,We have so much to tell you about! Unity Day Webinar Issue Discussion Topics H&I Basics Survey Reaching Out Focus Group Volunteer Form NA Survival Kit 120-Day Notice Post-WSC Revisions: A Vision for NA Service, FIPT, Group Booklet, Virtual Meeting Basics Unity Day Webinar: Saturday is Unity Day. Celebrate with us at an open recovery meeting at 11am, Pacific Daylight Time (18:00 GMT). At the end of the meeting (12:30pm, PDT), we will join together with members around the world and share the Serenity Prayer. You can download a flyer here: www.na.org/webinar Web meeting ID: 874 1017 9831 Passcode: 1953Issue Discussion Topics (IDTs): We have posted workshop material and online input forms for two of this cycle’s IDTs: Gender-Neutral and Inclusive Language in NA Literature and Dealing with Disruptive and Predatory Behaviorwww.na.org/idt. H&I Basics Survey: We are collecting ideas to revise H&I Basics to reflect current practices and cover the specifics of H&I service in more depth. The survey is posted in Spanish and English with Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, and Portuguese coming soon: www.na.org/survey Reaching Out: The July issue of Reaching Out has been posted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese: www.na.org/reachingout Focus Group Volunteer Form: Want to help with the work? We’ve listed possible focus groups, web meetings, and opportunities to share experience for the 2023–2026 cycle: www.na.org/survey NA Survival Kit 120-Day Notice: We have posted notice of our plan to publish an “NA Survival Kit,” containing the chapters on the Steps from NA’s books. More information is available from the links on www.na.org/fipt Post-WSC Revisions: Decisions at WSC 2023 led to revisions to A Vision for NA Service, which is posted at the bottom of www.na.org/aboutus; the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust and associated documents, which are posted at www.na.org/fipt; The Group Booklet, which is posted at www.na.org/ips; and Virtual Meeting Basics, which is posted at www.na.org/virtual. For more information on the revisions and other conference decisions, see the Summary of Decisions posted at www.na.org/conference We hope to see you Saturday!Yours in service,World Board
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